Materials used on your Fire Resistant Custom Projects

Hempcrete​ & Hemp Panels

Hempcrete alone with lime is a fire resistant material which was made legal in December 2018 as part of the farm bill in the US. Hempcrete is high quality

Hemp building material and a trusted part of the European construction industry for hundreds of years. So much so, that by the 6th Century French builders even built a hemp reinforced bridge that is still strong today.

Innovative Applications in Insulation, Structure, HVAC, Energy, Healthy Non-Toxic Materials, etc: 


In addition this team uses other fire retardant materials in our designs. Such as concrete and hemp board which is similar to plywood + Insulation. The team have decades of experience in planning, permitting and building which ensures your smooth and easy process with skilled communication and consulting to bring you the resilient design of your dreams.

Skills include, Drawing your ideas, 3D modeling, Construction Documents, Permitting, Estimating and Construction Consulting. Receive professional concise advice and guidance to tweak your ideas to become more efficient and cost effective. Contact us for free consultation at 

Fire Stop Construction Advantages include:

  • Lower cost per sq. ft. in most applications

  • Low utility costs... up to 50% savings

  • Innovative & versatile designs

  • Numerous plan & covering options

  • Durable, American-made construction materials

  • Minimal maintenance

  • Improved ventilation control

  • Non-toxic healthy interiors and exteriors

  • In-house design and construction

  • Structures of any size

  • Extra-tall options

  • Fast construction times

  • Optimal growing environments

  • Improved security & fire protection

Adobe Brick

Adobe brick is one of the cheapest cost bricks to build with and was also  made legal again in 2018. The materials make it very fire retardant and do not contain straw which is a property in some other types of house brick

Steel • Brick • Concrete Structures

Wood burns easily, so steel structures and roofs stand up to fire better. It also helps with the cost and speed of construction. 

Electrical Insulation

Stopping a fire is not just about construction materials but also about protecting the luxury additions to your home. Electrical fires can be prevented / damage reduced by using things like Speaker hoodies and light bulb protection. 

Contemporary to Classical Choices

Any style house can be built using concrete, hempcrete, steel and other less framable materials than wood. Contact this team to learn more.

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