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Custom plans are limitless. We provide a few examples based on your description and then we customize however you wish.

Construction costs are typically the same as traditional new construction in your area. If extensive excavation is required cost can rise 10% to 15% depending on your site conditions. $250 to $450 per square foot is the typical SF range for these completed fire resistant housed. Making an 1800 square foot house $450,000 to $720,000+. This is for your completed project with materials and other's labor. Less when you DIY the portions that you can do. When you do a lot yourself on your project can be as low as $250,000.


The base structure proportions in concrete &/or steel typically cost around $100 to $130 PSF. Best to check your local new construction building prices as building in California cost more than building in Kansas. This team provides cost estimates based on your area. The size of your plan and how you plan to structure the work creates better estimates. When you wish to be an Owner/Builder instead of hiring a construction contractor, this team advise on how to best meet your local zoning requirements and structure agreements so you can get your best value. When you wish to make careful choices to decrease your kitchen and bathroom costs, this team can assist along with wholesale choices for doors and flooring. They are committed to supporting your best efforts in building more sustainably while evolving your homestead choices. Whether it is adding a greenhouse to your existing house or planning, permitting and building a large sustainable regenerative homestead with orchards, garden, dairy, farm to table restaurant, stables, vineyard, cheese production, brewery, event center, boutique hotel, grey water filter ponds, etc., this experienced team can help you develop what you want and drawing detailed plans and engineering required to build it. 

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TIR construction phots & rendering copy_edited.jpg

Recent Project in Arizona - winery, brewery, creamery, restaurant, dairy, orchard, events, boutique hotel, grey water, farmer's market.

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section example
Want to address climate changes and build disaster protection with your adaptive concrete buildings? 
  • Have FUN expressing your creativity to share with family and friends.
  • Be Resistant to fire, tornadoes, hurricanes, earthquakes + other extreme weather and environmental conditions
  • Offering Sustainable lasting Architecture that reduces energy costs 50%  to 100%
  • Design and Construction teams helps you build your project YOUR WAY.
  • Stay comfortable; warm and secure in winter and cool in summer. Live in light and bright rooms integrated with Nature
  • SCOPE OF SUPPORT AVAILABLE: We will provide the construction support you require and let you do the parts you want:

    - If you want only construction and permitting documents these can be provided with engineering seals in all 50 states.
    - If you want our traveling crews to pour the concrete portions of your project this can be arranged.
    - If you wish to save by being an Owner Builder without a general contractor we consult you on how to set up this process​. - We give construction consulting and advise as needed.
    - If you want help locating your required locally licensed excavator, plumber, electrician, contractor, etc. we can find these. 



Build Your BEST CUSTOM PROJECTS, PORTFOLIO, RESUME, ETC:  We want you to have fun while planning and building your project. We listen to you and deliver the advise and support required to create your custom dream projects.  Feel free to ask questions and learn more >

Our team can provide all the construction documents required with for permitting with engineering seals for any style. OR COUCH YOU ON HOW TO DIY.

For pricing and more details on the Regenerative Architecture & Art Internship/Apprenticeship/Residency Programs & Portfolio/Resume Development ($100 online couching to $1200 monthly studio workshops with lodging) go to: 

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