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More About Sustainable Design

These are more examples collected in hopes of inspiring you to build your projects in more Regenerative Ways that provides  you with better connections to Nature.


We use our Regenerative Design services to establish and guide the project's vision towards biodiversity and resilience. It is a robust toolkit available to optimize building your home, homestead and business performance, sustainability, and occupant satisfaction. It helps provide an understanding to the interactions and connections between the architectural design and building systems with Nature. This is critical to make regenerative solutions become possible within a data-driven, teamwork  and creative approach.


We envision a world in which people, inspired by nature, create and maintain healthy and abundant livelihoods that enhance fertility and biodiversity on the planet. We envision humans as a positive, healing presence on Earth, creating more abundance on the planet than would be possible without them.

Boy Carrying Goat

The Pleasures of Regenerative Homestead Living
whether Rural or Urban, You can start homesteading now at the scale that suits you...

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